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Email & SMS - Building Templates
Email & SMS - Building Templates

Everything you need to build your email template, personalise emails, send your email campaigns and scheduling SMS

How to build an email video (video guide)Watch how to build an email in the Force24 platform
How to build an email snippet video (video guide)Watch how you can build an email snippet
How to preview an email on mobile devicesHow to make sure your email looks great on mobile, desktop, ipad, tablets etc,
Email Template Spacing & PaddingHow to correctly add spacing to your snippets when using a background colour
My email has large gaps between text when testing to myself?How to amend the formatting of text in your email if it appears differently in your test sends.
Mailto LinksHow to add subject/body to a mailto email link
How do I create bullet points?Inserting bullet points into an email or microsite
Line height spacingHow to edit the line height spacing of text
How to use column reorder and snippet padding in an emailHow to swap columns in an email template and add padding to email snippets.
How can I delete a snippet column in email builder?Information on how to delete one column of a snippet, rather than the full snippet itself.
Adjusting a snippet width in Email BuilderHow can I change my snippet or column width in email builder?
Change your 'view in browser' wordingHow to update the 'view in browser' text in your email template
How to insert an image or GIF into an emailHow to insert or edit an image in an email
How to add to your frequently used coloursAdd to the selection of branded colours which appear when editing snippet backgrounds
How to upload my own HTMLUpload a new template or snippet
How to edit the HTML of an emailIf you can't use 'Snippets' to edit your template, and know a little bit of HTML - you may directly edit the code.
How to change background colours in snippetsHow to edit the background colour of any part of a snippet
How to save a SnippetSave a Snippet to your Snippet library
How to duplicate a SnippetCopying an existing snippet in your template
How to search for and tag an email SnippetSearch and tag your email Snippets to work faster
How to add an email Snippet to your 'Favourites'Add your most used Snippets to your 'Favourites'
How to insert a button (CTA) into an emailAdding a button to your emails