Once you have created your custom data fields, you can now use these to personalise your templates even further!

Email Templates
To pull custom fields through into an email template, you would need to be in the template editor and ensure you're in 'Content' mode. 

From here, you would select the snippet in which you're wanting to insert the personalisation, click the location of where you would like the field to go using the text editor, click the person icon and + Insert to pull in your custom field: 

You then select your custom field in the first drop down box by either scrolling through the list displayed, or typing the name of your field: 

Depending on the data type of the custom field you have created, you will need to specify the format of the data (this will be relevant if you've created a numerical field e.g. Integer, or Float):

You can also specify how you would like to handle a null value, i.e. if the field is left blank, or doesn't exist against a contact:

Ignore: This will leave a blank space in the template where the field should be if the custom field is blank/non-existent against the contact.

Fail: This will prevent the email from being sent to the contact if the custom field is blank/non-existent.

This allows you to specify the exact text that you would like to display in the template in case of the field being blank/non-existent against the contact.

Once the personalisation formatting has been set up, click 'insert' and then make sure you click 'Save Element' on the text editor to pull through to the template. 

If you have any questions, require further training or just want someone to check through what you've done, please contact your Force24 Account Manager.

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