You can use the snippet search and tag function to categorise your snippets.

Select the 'Layout' mode within your Email Template editor, located at the top of the screen:

You will be taken to the Snippets index:

By clicking the 'All Snippets' option, you will be taken to the traditional view of your complete Snippets list.

Alternatively, you can select the specific Snippet type you would prefer, i.e the '2 column' category, as your Force24 Account Manager will have attempted to categorise your snippets to enable you to find them quicker. 

Searching for and tagging a Snippet

If you can't find a Snippet you are looking for, you may add a tag to the Snippet to ensure it appears in the location you would expect to find it.

You can do this by selecting the 'Back to Templates' option in the top left your screen.

Here you can click the 'Snippets' tab in the top right of the screen:

Select the Snippet you wish to tag and click the '+' icon on the right of the 'Tags' heading.

The '+' icon will not appear within system Snippets and you will not be able to add additional tags.

Having clicked the '+' icon, this will active the Snippet tags, where you can search for the Snippet category you wish to use to tag your snippet.

Once you have done this, your Snippet will appear in the correct category from the layout index panel.

How to tag and save a snippet within your Email Template

Hover over the snippet within your Email Template and select the '+' icon.

This will open the 'Save As Snippet' pop up where you can tag the snippet by using the same method outlined above. Once you have tagged your snippet, you can then save the snippet by clicking the 'Save' button.

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