Once you have selected the email template that you wish to edit, ensure you are within the 'Content' mode at the top of the page. 

Select the image you would like to change by clicking directly on the image.

This will open the 'Edit HTML Element' panel on the right-hand side. 

Within this panel, you can supply a new destination link for the image by specifying the URL within the 'Hyperlink' input. If you do not wish for the image to link to a destination, the 'Hyperlink' input can be left blank and this will prevent the image from being clickable when the email is received.

To replace the image that you have selected you can simply drag and drop your desired image into the drag and drop box. 

To edit the existing image you can select the 'Edit Image' button. This will open the image editing suite.

In this window you can: Resize the image, crop the image, adjust colours, rotate and generally edit to give you your desired image.

If you want to maintain the images aspect ratio click the chain icon. This will set the canvas to the full size of the image.

You may also decide to change the 'Background colour' of the image if you are uploading a transparent PNG or wish to zoom out. You will be able to specify your chosen 'Background colour' HEX code in the 'Custom Colour' input or have the option to select from your brand colours.

The 'Save' option will only be available if you have made a change, if you have not made a change and want to exit the pop up window, please click 'Reset'.

Clicking 'Reset' will remove any of the changes you have made to the image and return the image back to its original state.

If you click 'Save', the image will be optimised to ensure the best file size for the new settings and then replace the original image.

You will then be returned to the image control panel, where you may supply a text representation (Alt text). This should be populated for every image to get the best results.

Once you have finished editing the image, as soon as you select the 'Save Element' button, you will see your image appear within your email. 

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