You can now add a button of any design in to your Email Template anywhere you have a text box.

Adding a button is easy, you can start from any Email Template and ensure you are within the 'Content' mode at the top of the screen.

Start by selecting the passage of text you would like to add a button to:

In the right-hand 'Edit HTML Element' panel you will see the text input area:

Within the 'Paragraph' text input area, select where you would like to place your button.

To add a button (CTA) click the 'Add CTA' button.

This will activate the 'HTML Email Button Generator' screen:

You may enter the text and edit your button design using the 'Button Settings' on the right of the screen. 

You can edit the border of your button.

You can edit the padding and alignment of your button (CTA).

You can also add the link destination of your button in the 'Link' input box within the 'Button Settings'.

Any changes you make will appear in the 'Button Preview' window on the left.

Once you have finished creating your button, click the 'Add Button' button to add your button to the location within the text box that you specified when clicking the 'Add CTA' button earlier.

This will add your newly created button into the text box.

If you are happy with your button (CTA), click the 'Save Element' button.

This will then add your button (CTA) within your Email Template.

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