You can now build a perfect Snippet in your Email Template editor and save it to your library to use later.

To start, build the Snippet that you wish to save. 

Select the 'Layout' mode within your Email Template editor, located at the top of the screen:

Once there, hover over the Snippet you wish to save and the edit options below will appear:

Select the 'Save' Snippet icon: 

This will bring up the 'Save As Snippet' dialogue box. 

Here you can chose a 'Category' to save your new Snippet within. Make sure you allocate the most appropriate category for your Snippet to make finding your saved Snippet as easy as possible later on.

You can also apply specific 'Tags' to your Snippet to help you locate your saved Snippet later. You can select an existing tag or type the name of a new tag to label your Snippet with.

You may also wish to add this Snippet into your 'Favourites' category by checking the 'Add to favourites' box.  

Click 'Save' and your new Snippet is now saved and ready to be used at any time. 

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