You may want to remove one section of an email snippet, rather than the full row itself. We've written up a step-by-step guide on how you would achieve this below, which would work the same way regardless of how many columns are in the snippet!

1 Column Snippet

To delete a 1 column snippet, you would go into layout mode:

Hover over the snippet and press the bin icon:

2+ Column Snippet

To delete a column from a snippet that has 2 or more columns, you would first access layout mode:

Then hover over the snippet and click the pen 'Edit' on the far left:

You can then click the specific column you want to delete, where the row editing menu will appear on the right hand side:

At the bottom you should see a button that says 'Delete Column':

Once clicked, you should be re-directed to the following pop up where you need to click 'Done' at the top right to save your change:

If you need any further help with this, please contact a member of the support team via the live chat!

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