Start by going to the 'Email Templates' section from the left-hand navigation.

Once you arrive, select the 'Upload' tab in the top right of the screen.

The next screen will prompt you to upload a 'Snippet' or an 'Email template'.

Uploading an Email Template

For an 'Email template', you will be asked to drag and drop your artwork onto the drag and drop target zone.
Please make sure before you upload your artwork, you have read and ensured you have followed the instructions outlined in our Self Service Template Upload Handbook.

You will be promoted to select the 'Template Type' you wish to upload. 

'Master' - these are templates you can not edit directly, you must make a copy first. This ensures you will always start with a perfect template.
'Account' - these are current work in progress templates.
'Published' - these are templates that are locked and ready for the system to use. This is where you put your finished templates 

You will be requested to provide a template name. This is the name you will use to search for your template later on. 

You will also be asked to select when you would like your upload to be converted into a Force24 editable format.

Once you click 'Upload' your template will be built in your desired location. 

Uploading a Snippet

Email snippets follow a very similar process to email templates. 

Please contact your account manager if you have any issues or need help.

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