PLEASE NOTE: This is an advanced option. In this mode you have complete control of the email and its rendering, if you elect to remove the 'unsubscribe' token, invisible pre-header or materially affect the design and layout you are doing so at your own risk.

PLEASE NOTE: HTML for email must be written using inline styles only. Email does not support CSS. Please make sure you use the email preview and send test function.

For the more advanced user you may begin to edit little parts of the code to achieve ultimate customisation.

Don't worry if you make a mess, you can roll back to previous versions to get you out of trouble!

To start, simply find the template you wish to edit, and open up the campaign in the email editor. In the 'Content' editor state as below:

To edit the HTML code you must select the 'Edit HTML',  pen and paper icon. This is found next to the 'Preview' function: 

Once you select to 'Edit HTML', the HTML editor will open. You may maximise the screen to be full size, by clicking the expand arrows:

You may select components on the email in the right hand panel, to highlight the code on the left hand code window. The code will be highlighted in Yellow as shown below: 

When you first open the window, you will see that before any changes have been made and saved, the system will specify that 'The template doesn't have any revisions yet'.

If changes have been made or saved previously and you're revisiting the 'Edit HTML' page, you will notice you can not use the 'Clear Changes' button because no further changes have been made to clear.

As soon as you make a further change to the HTML code, the 'Clear Changes' button will become available.

If you select to clear changes, you will be asked to confirm your actions. If you do, the system will ignore all changes and revert the email back to its original state. 

You may wish to save your work at varying stages and reference why you are saving at this point, should you wish to roll back to a previous version at a later date.

To do this simply click 'Save', and you will be presented with the box below. The system will automatically create a 'Review Name' as the date and time. You may wish to change this.

You may enter a short description within the 'Review Changes' as to what is in the Save.

 If you wish to leave, you may select the 'x' icon in the top right of your screen. 

Please Note: The 'x' will not auto-save or prompt you to save your work. 

If you have any questions or need any help, please feel free to contact your Force24 Account Manager.

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