Under the GDPR you must afford your contacts the right to Erasure.

This means you will delete the personal information held against that contact.

If you are a designated Master User of your account, you may now perform this task directly in the portal.

*WARNING: Erasing a contact will mean their information will be permanently deleted and you will not be able to upload the same contact information again. If this contact hasn't requested the right to be forgotten, you can select to 'Delete' the contact instead, which will allow them to be re-created as a new contact in future.

To perform an Erase, simply find the contact you wish to erase, (using contact search) and open the contact record.

Select the 'Details' tab in the top right of the window.

You will see a button in the 'Contact Status' section labelled 'Erase'.

Once you hit the 'Erase' button, a pop up warning box will appear for you to confirm the action.

Once you hit the 'Erase' button the next pop up warning box will appear for the Erasure of the contact to be confirmed.

Once you hit the 'Yes, erase' button the contact information will be marked for Erasure and the following page will appear.

The page states that the 'Contact is being erased' as the Erasure can take up to 15 minutes to complete.

Once the page has been refreshed and the Erasure is complete the following page will confirm the contact information has been erased, stating 'Erased contact'.

The Erasure process will delete all contact information relating to the contact and prevent the contact's email address and telephone number from being re-uploaded to the portal.

A copy of the contacts email address will be stored and HASHED to ensure you do not accidentally re-upload or create this contact again.

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