You can add/edit or remove campaign groups and tags to suit your business.

You start by going to the 'Settings' page

Once you are there, scroll down until you see the 'Campaign Tag Management' section.

You will notice you can not rename or delete the 'Marketing Strategy' or 'Message Style' groups, you can only add new tags to the group.

To delete a group simply hit the 'X' at the top of the group, this will remove the group and all tags within. By doing this, all campaigns with tags from this group will have the tag removed. 

To delete a tag simply select the tag and hit the 'X' that appears to the right of the tag.

You may add new groups by using the 'Add New Group' button. You may then add new tags to the group by selecting the '+' icon in the bottom right corner of the group.

Any groups you create will appear when you send a campaign as a selection to tag a campaign.


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