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Contact Extension: Applying custom fields to contacts
Contact Extension: Applying custom fields to contacts

How to apply your newly created custom field(s) to contacts in the Force24 portal

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Now you have created your custom fields, you'll be wanting to update your contacts with this information. This can be done via the data upload function, or you can add one of your custom fields to an individual contact. 

Method 1: Data Upload

You can choose to utilise custom fields when loading a spreadsheet of data into Force24, via the 'Data Upload' function. You may want to do this when you first set up your custom fields, so all of your existing contacts are updated with this information. 

If you're not familiar with data upload, you can find out more information below: 

To apply the custom fields to your data, drop in your spreadsheet as normal to the target area. Over on the right hand side, you can then map your excel column header to the relevant field in Force24 - you'll see that the custom fields are listed in the drop-down:

You would then upload your data as normal, where the custom data fields will be stored against the contacts. 

Method 2: Individual Contact

To apply a custom field to a specific contact, you need to bring up their contact page. Under the 'Contact Details' section, you would select the + icon to 'Add Field'

This brings up a drop down box for you to choose which field you would like to apply to the contact:

If you click on this drop down, it will display the full list of Force24 data fields. Start typing the name of your custom field in order to perform a 'quick search' for you to select: 

Once you've selected the field, click 'Add'. This will then apply the field to your individual contact. To input data values, you would click pen icon in the 'click to edit' area: 

This will then open up the field allowing you to apply whatever data values you see fit, to match the format of the data field you have chosen. 

You can also map form submission fields to your custom fields, for more information around form builder and field mapping - view the article below:

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