A 'Test Marketing List' is a marketing list with a status 'Test'. This allows it to be called from within the template test facilities.

This is a quick way of testing an email campaign to a number of internal users quickly.

For more information on testing an email

To build a test marketing list you must find or add the contacts you wish to be included in your list.

Add a new Contact 

From anywhere in the Force24 platform, click the 'Add New Person' at the top of the page

The 'Add New Contact' pop up will appear

You must first supply an email address. The system will check to see if the contact you wish to add already exists.

If they do exist the system will ask if you wish to edit that person

In the instance above 2 contacts have the email address supplied, select the contact you wish to edit.

Or if the contact was not found in the system then the 'Add Contact' pop up will allow you to add the contacts details:

Once you have entered all the contacts information, you may add the user to a Marketing List.

if you have already created a list you wish to add the contact to, begin to type it into the Marketing List input, if you have not yet created the Marketing List simply supply a new list name here and the system will create it for you.

NOTE: * denotes mandatory information 

Once all the contact information is complete and the Marketing List is set, click the 'Add Contact' button.

This will take you to the new contacts information page.

Create the Test List

Click the 'Your Data' link in the left menu of the navigation

Find the list you have created when adding your first contact. You can do this using the search function available in the top left corner.

Once you have found your list click the 'View Report' button to open the list report.

Once the page opens in the top left of the page you will see an option to specify is the list is Live or Test.

Move the slider to the test position.

Your test list is ready!

Adding existing contacts to your Test List

Once you have created your list you may add as many contacts to the list as your wish.

Go to the 'Contacts' section in the left navigation

Once the page loads you can search for your contacts to add to the list.

The quickest way to find your contacts is to search using their email address

In the example above I have used the contains operator and supplied the value @force24.co.uk. This will find all contacts held with an email address containing @force24.co.uk.

To perform the search click 'Filter Contacts'.

Add contacts manually from search results

From here I can either manually select the contacts I wish to add by clicking the blue person icon.

In a new tab this will open the contacts record and adding the list, scroll to the 'Active Marketing Lists' section

Then click the '+' icon and type the name of my new test marketing list and then click 'Add'. The user is now added to your test marketing list.

Adding all users from search results 

If I want to add all the contacts found in the search with the email address that contains @force24.co.uk.

Click the 'Marketing List' button at the bottom of the results, then 'Add to Marketing Lists'

This will open the 'Marketing Lists Distribution' pop up. From here you can begin to type the name of your test marketing list, then select it. Click the 'Auto-Distribute' button to add all the contacts to the list, then click 'Confirm'.

A confirmation pop up will now appear:  

Your contacts have now been added to your test Marketing List.

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