"Your Data" is the the home of all your data segments (or Marketing Lists as we call them.) 

To access the "Your Data" page simply select the Your Data button in the left menu:

Once you have arrived at the page you will be presented with a list of all of your data segments/marketing lists:

Next to each list you will see an icon:

This refers to a test list, these are lists that can only be sent test campaigns to.

This is a live list of active contacts. These can not be sent test campaigns.

For help on how to create or change a list to become a test list, contact your Force24 Account Manager. 

The information in the list presented in this view as below 

The Blue title is a link to a detailed version of the report and also the name of the marketing list.

Active Contacts
= the number of contacts that you may market to via any of your marketing channels.
Activity = the % of contacts from within the list that we have (at anytime) monitored engagement with your brand.
Bounces = The total number of bounces listed for the contacts within this list over all time.
Star Rating =  Defined by a complex algorithm, referencing to the ratio of engagement, unsubscribes, bounces, web activity, goals, open rates, click rates and any other information we may collect on the users within the list. 1 Star is very bad and the data should not be used, 5 stars is marketing perfection.

Tag Search 

You may tag your marketing lists to enable you to find them quickly, and compare how well segments are performing.

For example:

You may wish to create new marketing lists for new website customers, new store customers, new telephone customers. You can tag all three lists as New Customers. This will help you find them and make reporting easier.

The Search Input will allow you to search for the name of the list directly or enter the name of any tag.

As you begin to search more often for tags, the system will begin to remember which tags you use most and will begin to store a history of regularly used tags.

If you can't remember the name of all of your tags, you may click "Tag Search".

You may use the Alphabetical index to find tags.
You may add them to a search by clicking the tag (it will appear in the "Selected Tags" section.

Click Search to add the selected tags to the search function.

To view the active tags for a marketing list, simply select the tag icon, this will drop down a view of all active tags, you may add (+) or remove tags (-) from this sceen.

Click the '+' icon and begin to type the name of your tag, if the tag doesn't exist you can create it by selecting the text you have just entered. This will create the tag and save it against this marketing list.

If the list is being contributed to via either a journey, CRM or website integration you may wish to see how the list is evolving over time.


Click the Stats icon (pictured below) to show the charts pre-loaded with the history from the last 30 days. (To view a full timeline, click 'View Report' to see the same chart on the 'Your Data' detail page.)

Average Lead Score = This graph shows the daily evolution of the engagement in this particular group of users. The lead score for each contact is calculated and divided by the total number of active contacts to give the average. Are you getting better or worse at engaging with your contacts?

Member Count Timeline = The number of contacts in your list. You can quickly see if you are gaining customers or losing them.

Sync Status 

If you have connected your account to Facebook and Google this will show the status of the contacts sync between the two platforms.

The sync will ensure your Facebook ad Google custom audiences are live and up to date, and you are showing contacts the correct adverts and paying the appropriate bid price for the contacts. 

If there is a problem with the Sync Status, a red warning will show you that a problem exists. You can quickly resolve this by clicking 'Activate Sync' or 'Reconnect':

If you do not have any accounts listed in the Sync Status page you may add your Google and Facebook accounts on your settings page.


With the three dots you will be able to see the contacts in the list. This will take you to contact search where you may export the contacts, or look at any specific contacts in the data set.

You may rename the List, this will open a box like below. Simply type a new name and click 'Save'.

You may wish to make the list Zapier Syncable, this will allow you to either share data with Zapier, or have Zapier append contacts to the list on your behalf. 

Simply click 'Continue' to active the sync. You can check the status of the sync in the Settings page.

You may sort your list results on any of the attributes below:

If you have any questions about this or anything else please contact your Force24 Account Manager.

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