If your test emails are not being received by your test contacts you can undergo the following steps to understand why this may be.

If you have never received a test email:

This may be due to your IT department blocking the emails. 

Test emails are sent using the Force24 test send server mailing identity which will be different to your main mailing identity. You can make sure you have whitelisted this mailing identity:

mta07.data-crypt.com (

Remember: Because we enforce the prefix [TemplateTest] on test email subject lines, some mail clients move this email to a junk or commercial email folder. 

If you normally receive test emails but you are not getting them anymore:

The most likely cause is that your contact entry in the Force24 platform has been changed. To check this simply go to 'Contact' section on the left hand navigation. 

When you are there, select 'Email Address' in the left-hand drop down and ensure you select the 'equal' operator in the middle drop down. Then enter your email address in the right-hand drop down.

In the event that your record does not exist:

You can change the operator in the middle drop down to 'contains', this will perform a search for your record and match any section of the email address.

It is quite common to test a data capture from on your website or a microsite and inadvertently update your email address. It is possible that you may have accidentally entered a space at the start or end of your email address, which would have updated your email address. If that is the case this search will find that entry.

In the event that this still does not find your record:

It is most likely you have rewritten your details by entering false information into a data capture form. 

To fix this you can either, go back to any data capture form and enter your correct details, this will repair your entry and your test emails should work. 

To confirm this has been done you can follow the contact search steps again to find your email address.

Or you can create a new contact using the 'Add Contact' function at the top of the page.

When you create a new contact you can add the new contact directly in to your test marketing list using the 'Marketing list' function on the pop up window. 

If your record does exist and you have verified your email address is correct (with no spaces at the start or end), click on your profile to view the Contact Details page. The most common problems are:

Your record is unsubscribed - you may have been testing the subscription preferences page.
Your record has bounced - you may have been marked by our system as a bounce if you have an out of office turned on and tested more than 6 times during a short period. This is classed as a gone away contact. In normal marketing circumstances this should not happen.

If you see the email channel is set to either 'Unsubscribed' or 'Bounce', you can simply click on the 'Active' status to re-enable the contact.

If your record exists and your email channel is 'Active' already, you can check the contact is tagged in the test marketing list you are selecting to send the test.

You can do this by staying on the 'Contact Detail' page and scrolling through the 'Active Marketing Lists' to ensure the contact is in the list you are selecting.

Once you have checked all the steps above and you are still not receiving emails, please contact your Force24 account manager, they can run further diagnostics for you to understand the root of the issue.

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