Please note: We have made significant improvements to the speed of your data uploads. But please allow 15-20min. During this time we are performing significant due diligence on your data to ensure you have the best possible chance.

You may upload new data into the Force24 platform using the data upload tool.

This tool is designed to make your life as easy as possible and give you the flexibility to upload any data you need whilst giving you the ability to save data maps of regularly used file import types.

To start please select the Data Upload link from the left navigation

This will take you to the list of jobs in your account, in the top right corner select the + icon.

You will arrive at a page with a target to drop your file, (you must use either an XLSX or an XLS file).

Drag and drop your file onto the target or double click inside the box to reveal your "file finder" window

Select the file you wish to import. The system will automatically look through all your existing Data maps and attempt to identify the file you are uploaded. 

A warning box will appear to let you know this is the case.

If it is successful it will automatically select the data map and map all the fields appropriately.

Once your file has been uploaded into our staging area, you will be given the option to either:

  1. Select a new data map - this will remap the fields in accordance with the data map you have selected

  2. Select a marketing list to put the users in after the upload process is complete, you may create a new marketing list by typing a new name into the list or select an existing.

  3. Decide the import rules - Yes option will add new contacts and update any matching contacts already in the Force24 platform with the data held in the in new file (note this will not change opt in permissions). No option will create new contacts and leave any contacts matching (already held in the Force24 platform) as they are.

On the right hand panel you will see two columns. The column on the left is a list of all the fields in your uploaded file. The column on the right is the corresponding field within the Force24 platform.

You may decide to change the corresponding field selected to any other not yet mapped field.

Please note: Its not possible to map two columns to the same Force24 field

If you do not wish to use any particular field you may use the -DO NOT MAP- option. This will ignore the field and not import the data held.

Once you are happy with your mapping you will be presented with three options below. 

Overwrite and Upload - This will save the mapping you have created over the existing data map. So when the data map is used again it will contain the new mappings
Create and upload - This will create a new data map and prompt you to give the new data map a new name.
Upload - This will upload the data and not save the mapping for future use.

If you have missed any particular field and not mapped it or elected not to map it, when you come to select any option the following error will appear. Select OK and map all fields in the list.

REMEMBER - The Force24 Platform performs detailed checks on every contact you wish to upload. This means it can take up to 3 hours for your data to be inserted. Please be patient and make sure your data is inserted in plenty of time.

If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact your Force24 account manager  

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