As your account grows you may find it more difficult to keep a track on everything that's going on!

To help, we developed a handy feature called 'Projects' where you can group folders into a single workspace.

You can add items from anywhere in the application, and create project folders.

Here is how to use it...

Look for the 'Projects' icon in the top menu of the Force24 portal:

When you open 'Projects' you will arrive at your dashboard. This application has been designed to act in a similar way to which you may expect 'My Computer' on your PC, or how 'Finder' on a Mac works:

You can get started by adding a new project. Name your project accordingly and click 'Create':

Your project will now appear in the projects list:

You can click on the three dots (...) to open the menu where you can perform the below tasks:

To keep people informed with what you have done, you also have the ability to make a note that lives alongside your project, and your project sub folders.
To use this feature, click 'Add Note'. Once the note opens you may type away, or copy into the notes any useful information.

No need to hit save, as the note will save automatically for you when you exit. To move on, click the 'X' in the top right hand corner.

To delete the note, click 'Delete note' in the bottom right:

To open and edit a note you have previously made, simply look for the pen icon next to the folder or project:

Now we have created a project, simply click on your project's name. This will open your empty project screen:

To get started, you can add either an item (a campaign, a template, a journey, a microsite or a marketing list. To add an item click 'Add Item':

Now select what type of object you wish to add:

You can now search for the item using its name in the 'Name' field:

Once you have added your item it will appear in your project list:

To create a folder click the 'New Folder' button, and then enter the name of your folder to appear inside your project:

Once you have added your folder it will appear inside the Project view, you can expand the (...) menu to find options:

With an item you have added you have the ability to perform item specific options, such as edit an email. Or open a report page:

The 'View in list' mode will allow you to open the item and bring it to the top of the item list page. When the page opens, the item you want will be highlighted in yellow for a few seconds:

To move an item or a folder to somewhere new.

Simply tick the top check box next to your folder/project name and select the items you wish to move. Or, you may select the move option from within the item menu:

The 'Move' menu will appear at the bottom. You may now navigate to any project or folder you wish to drop the items into. Since you have not yet moved the item, the 'Move Here' option is not available:

Once you have found a new home for the item you may click 'Move Here' for the items to be moved to your new destination.

Add items from other areas of the application.

You can add any item to a project or folder by selecting the items menu and using the 'Add to Projects' or 'View in Project Folder':

To add an item to a project simply click Add to Project, the Add to Project box will open at your project list. Select the project you would like to add your item to.

You may navigate to the folder you wish to add your item or use the New Folder option to build a new folder within the project.

View in Project Folder

This option will perform a search of your projects and find the item in your projects.

If the item is not in any project it will inform you and allow you to add the item to a project by clicking the Add to Project button.

If the item is saved within a project it will tell you which project and folders it lived in. You can click the location to see the item in the project along with the other items in the folder.

If you get stuck, feel free to contact your Force24 account manager and they will be able to talk you through.

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