Start by clicking on the paper plane, 'Create Campaign' icon 

Once there, select the 'Create SMS Campaign' option.

The first stage allows you to tag your campaign, similarly to how you would tag your email campaign, once you have applied your desired tags, please click 'Next'.

The name section is where you will enter the name of your campaign, this is how you will view your report in the 'Your Campaigns' section once your SMS has been sent.

The 'From name' will default to what has been applied in your settings, this is usually your company name. You can edit this by simply typing your desired 'From name' into the text box.

If you wish to enable replies, select 'ON'. When enabling replies, the SMS will be sent from a specific number - this cannot be changed.

The next step is to select the list you wish to send to. The lists on the left are all the active lists available to send to, when you select the list you wish to send this will automatically move to the right under 'Active marketing lists'.

Next is where you write your 'SMS Text'. If you are including any personalisation this works in the same way as personalised fields in an email, for example pulling in the name into the SMS would be [FirstName].

To insert a URL placeholder, this destination will need to be written as below: [url=http(s)://] or for example: [url=].

To ensure recipients can opt out please use [OptOut]. 

Your SMS will preview on the right hand side so you can check all your placeholders are pulling through correctly.

Once you are finished writing your SMS click 'Next'. Here you can then either send your campaign 'Immediately', or 'Schedule' it for a specific time and date.

The final stage of your SMS Campaign is for you to check your campaign in the following 'Campaign Overview' page. If you are happy, please click 'Approve and Schedule' to send your SMS.

You will then be directed to 'Your Campaigns' where you can then monitor your results.

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