In order to create a custom data field, you need to head to the 'Settings' page in portal.

Once on the settings page, Contact Extension can be found at the top of the page just underneath your Client ID. To create a new field, you click on the + icon at the top right of this section:

The 'Create Field' pop-up will display, which is where you fill out the details of the custom field you'd like to create:

Name: This is the specific field name you'd like to create to use for your queries and personalisation tokens, therefore, be mindful to name the field something unique and specific to the data it will contain. 

Description: This is your own description of what data is going to be held in this field, the description will be displayed in the Settings page, alongside the field name, so any new users to your Force24 account will know exactly what this field is to be used for.

Data Type: This is where you would select the kind of data format you would like to utilise e.g. numerical / calendar date / email address etc. A full glossary of the data types available, can be found here: 

Once you have applied all of the relevant information, just click 'Save'. The new field is now immediately available for you to use. 

Now, you need to apply these fields to your contacts. For more information around this, you can read our article below:

If you would like further training, or need any more guidance please contact your Force24 Account Manager.

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