Error Message
: Column [Number] header is empty. Please add a header or delete the column. 

This error message means an invisible value exists in the last column of your data. To prevent this, you can either copy all of your values and paste them in to a new document, or you can highlight the last 5 columns in your data (where there appears to be no values) and delete the full columns.

Error Message:
Data map has been created, but something went wrong with file upload and we received this error: Column name mismatch.Source column [Field Name]. Destination column [Field Name].

This error message means there is an issue with the headers in your excel file. To prevent this, check that there are no paragraph spaces in the text boxes. Use the below as an example.

Error Message:
Uh oh server hit wall!

Your file may have a password on it. Please remove and try again.

Error Message:
When dragging and dropping in your file, the screen quickly flashes but does nothing.

Check that your file is not password protected. The system will not be able to extract the information within your file until the password has been removed.
Alternatively, is the file 30MB or over? If so, split the file in to 2 or more files and then upload.

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