When going into journey builder, on the right hand side there are these components:

They all allow you to automate different actions.

Start Audience - This is where you enter the contacts who you would like to start the journey, which may be a specific marketing list or contacts who have visited a specific URL.

Send Email - Contacts will be sent a published email template from this component.

This is where you're able to set the name of your Subject Line, From name, Reply Address, choose your Send server, as well as your audience type and any sub preferences. You are also able to select your email template.

Please note: It's best practice to rename the title of the component from 'Send Email' to something unique. This name will be pulled across as your email campaign name when analysing the reporting statistics, and will also be the unique email send identifier when querying data in the future.

Send SMS - This where you're able to set up an SMS message to contacts. This will send to contacts with a valid phone number.

Set Delay Time - This is where you're able to hold contacts in a stage in between email/SMS sends prior to sending to again, or if you want to schedule a campaign for a specific time and date.

You have the ability to delay by 3 options:

  • Delay for - place contacts in a set delay of X days, X hours or X minutes

  • Not before - place a specific dd/mm/yyyy hh:mm format for contacts to be held until.

  • Send Windows - select specific days and hours of the week for contacts to be held until.

Make Decision - You're able to question the data whilst contacts are on the journey, for example you can ask whether the contact opened the previous email, and this can tailor where the contact goes to next in the journey.

You can also decide whether the delay is instant or delayed:

  • If the decision is instant - contacts will pass through the decision straight away whether or not they meet the 'yes' criteria.

  • If you delay the make decision, contacts will pass through the stage as soon as they hit the 'yes' criteria, but will be held for the full time if they do not.

Split - you're able to split the contacts on your journey randomly via the split component. You can select as many different % chunks as you'd like, but these need to add up to 100%

This is often used for A/B testing - the article for A/B testing can be found here:


Action - You're able to perform an action for the contacts, that can either going to add them into a marketing list or remove them.

Subscriptions - You're able to update a number of contact statuses, as well as subscription preferences

Note - You're also able to add notes into the journey, and leave comments for another individual or yourself who may be re-visiting the journey at a later date.

If you have any queries on Journey Manager, please contact our support team via live chat!

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