We can A/B test subject lines, templates and other elements using the Split component within the Journey Manager feature.

Once you have your start audience in place, you can utilise the "split" component to determine your preferential data split:

If you wish to split your data 50/50 you can set up the below, this will allow you to randomly split the data in half and test two subject lines, templates or links.

Alternatively, we can add in an extra layer to hold 50% of the data until the split test is complete. For example, we could go on to split one half of the data in half again for you to send the comms to. This will essentially send a communication to two random 25% segments and then the remaining 50% would receive the most effective communication.

IMPORTANT: Once Email A and Email B have completed, you must update the subject line, template or link of the Winning Email for those details to be sent to the remaining contacts

One thing to remember when split testing is that the delay time will need to be long enough for users to engage with the A/B test comms and to allow yourself time to review the stats and change the template/subject line for the remaining 50% of the data.

A screen recording of the process can be found here: https://youtu.be/wC73NtT9cvc

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