Our efficiency sessions are designed to make sure you can get the most out of Force24.

The third productivity webinar focuses on Journey Manager, including the following features:

  • Data Maintenance Journeys - an overview of the ways in which you can utilise Journey Manager in order to maintain your data - including an example of building a Lead Score Journey.

  • Saving Queries in the Start Audience component - identifying the contacts you wish to be added to a particular journey and the difference between groups and rules within the Start Audience component.

  • Other components within Journey Manager - an overview of the other components within Journey Manager including; Set Delay Time, Send Email, Make Decision, Split and Subscriptions.

  • Journey Settings - a breakdown of the Enrolment Settings within the Journey Settings, stating the difference between the two options and stipulating how many times a contact will be added to your journey.

  • Journey Reporting - an overview of the Reporting function within Journeys including the ability to view each Journey Stage and the active count of contact within that particular stage.

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