To duplicate an existing journey, you need to go to Journey Manager and find the journey to wish to copy. Click on the 3 dots (...) next to the journey, and select 'Duplicate':

You then need to re-name your journey, and click 'Duplicate'

The new journey will then appear at the top of your Journey Manager Menu with a red exclamation point (!)

This is prompting you to confirm all of the components within the new, duplicated journey to make sure you are altering the necessary components (e.g. change the Start Audience/Delay Times/Make Decision etc.) To confirm, you need to click 'Edit' next to the journey to open up the editable components:

This will open up the editing screen, each component requiring your attention will have an exclamation point (!) in the top right:

To confirm the components, you need go into each one, make the relevant amends then click 'Confirm & Save'

Once you've amended each of the necessary components, you then need to confirm your journey at the bottom of the editing menu at the right-hand side: 

If there are any unconfirmed components you will be notified, and asked to Confirm:

You will then have confirmation your journey has been duplicated

You can then go back to the Journey Manager menu, and start your new journey!

If you have any further queries regarding duplicating journeys, please contact your Force24 Account Manager!

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