To find out which of your contacts are bounced or unsubscribed you can run a quick query via the 'Contacts' tab in the left hand navigation menu:

Select 'Status - Email' from the drop down:

And select one of the following options:

You can then click 'Filter' toshow the total number of contacts for that particular email status.

If you want to look at contacts who are either 'bounce' or 'unsubscribed' you can click add rule

And then place your other email status in the query:

You would need to ensure the overall rule is changed from AND to OR so that we are only looking for the contact to meet 1/2 criteria.

If you wanted to search for contacts bounced or unsubscribed from a particular list, you would need to click 'Add group' in addition to the other steps:

So that your query looks like the following:

If you need any further help with using contact search, please contact the support team via the live chat.

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