To ensure you can produce your desired layout, it is important to select a snippet that has a similar layout to what you wish to achieve.

For example, if you wish to have one large image, select the '1 column' snippet category choose from one of the 1 column snippet options

Then drag and drop the option onto your Microsite canvas.

Then click the image and you will be presented with a number of image update icons, including: ‘Replace’, ‘Align’, ‘Image Caption’, ‘Remove’, ‘Insert Link’, ‘Display’, ‘Style’, ‘Alternate text’, ‘Change size’ and ‘Advanced Edit’.

Select the 'Replace' icon within the image update icons.

This will present you with a target box for you to drag and drop the image that you wish to replace the image you are currently editing.

Once you have dropped the image into the target box, your selected image will be added, and replace the previous image, within your Microsite page.

This will be the same process if you wish to change an image within a two or three column snippet also.

When saving the changes you have made to your Microsite page, you can manually select the 'Save' button or you can enable the 'Autosave' function on the right-hand side of the 'Save' button.

The 'Autosave' function will automatically save any changes made to your Microsite page to ensure that no changes are lost and even provide you with the amount of seconds that have past since the last time the page was saved.

If you do not wish for all of the changes you make to your page to be automatically saved, simply click the 'Autosave' button and disable the 'Autosave' function.

If you have disabled the 'Autosave' function, it is important to remember to select the 'Save' button if you wish for your image changes to saved to your Microsite page.

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