You can now view all contacts submitting their data using your Force24 forms.

If you are using the Force24 forms the process is easy, if you would like to report on your own website forms in the same way, please ask you account manager to identify if your forms are compatible.

To access form reports simply navigate to Forms tab on the left hand navigation.

The Forms page will list all of your active forms. If you do not have any forms you can create a new one by following the steps outlined in the article available by clicking the button below.

If you roll your mouse over the form you wish to see the reports for, you will see a new button Form Details

Once you click Form details you will be taken to the Form Details report page

In the blue panel to the top left you will see basic information about the Form. Such as its name, created on date and most recent modified on date You can also navigate directly to the edit page of the form by hitting Edit.


In the top left of the page you will see the Filter button, this filter will enable you to select the filter used to display the contacts in the grid view below. 

The top section will expand to enable you to select a data range, if you do not select anything the default date range will be from the created on date until today.

Underneath the date selection you will see further filter options.

Website will allow you to select the name of the website or Microsite that the form appears in. As you will see in this example we have used this particular form in three of our Force24 Microsites. By default if none are selected we will allow searching in ALL.

Pages will allow me to select the individual pages from within the websites I have selected. 

NOTE: this grid will grey out pages that do not exist within the websites you have selected, if you can not select a page because it is greyed out, it is because the website has not been selected. Select the website and the page will become available to select.

Publish locations refers to the address you have published the page to.  

As you may build many variations of your form you may select specific versions, each edit you make to the form will automatically change the version number.

The Form name filter allows you to search for the names you have used on the Microsites pages, you may have used the same form many times on the same page, the form name will allow you to differentiate here.

Once you have selected the filter criteria you may hit the Apply Filter to set the filter context.

The grid view below will show you the contacts that meet your specified criteria. You will note you have a Mapped Submissions view and a Submission fields view.

Mapped Submissions - this will show you the data as it appears against the contact in the Force24 data storage. This is where you have mapped values to Aux fields.

Submission fields - This will allow you to see the RAW data that was submitted into the fields in the form. This data may not have all been mapped against a contact field in Force24

To see a single contact in more detail, at any stage in either view you may select view contact to open the contacts detail page

You may also wish to Export the form submission data. This function will export the form submissions rather than the mapped data. In other words it will export the RAW form submission data as entered by the user on the website.

Good luck and as always you can ask your Force24 account manager for help at anytime.

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