Form Builder is the latest release in connection with the updated version of Microsite Builder. Alongside the system forms that are available in your account to use, this feature now allows you to build unique forms in your own branding to use on your landing pages!

If you have already created your form, you can follow the steps here which detail how to insert the form into your microsite: 

To create a brand new form, you need to click on 'Forms' in the navigation menu on the left hand side: 

At the top of the page by the search bar, you click 'Create New' 

You can choose an existing form from the library or upload your own. If you'd like to create your own from scratch, you need to give the form a name and click 'Create':

You then hover over the template thumbnail, and click 'Edit': 

This will then open up the Form Builder page. The two tool menus you'll need are on the left and right hand sides: 

The 'Settings' menu that initially appears on the right-hand side allows you to establish the general format for this form - including selecting a default font for all the fields you'll be inserting

Note: The options displayed here are the same that are displayed for when you're editing specific fields too - so just bear in mind to make sure you're editing the right section of the form i.e. the form in it's entirety, or just a specific field. 

To start adding the form components, you just need to drag and drop them from the left-hand side onto the template above the CTA. 

Once you've dragged a component over, you can edit this field using the editor on the right-hand side. A glossary of these editing terms can be found here: 

Note: When inserting an Email or Phone field, you'll need to select these specific components from the left-hand menu:

You can also add tick box options: 

And a drop-down selector:

And any free text, including adding links to text. To do this, you drag and drop the 'Text' component from the left hand side, and write your text in the editor on the right:

Then click 'Create link' to the top right above the text editor:

Choose the wording you'd like to use for the link, select whether you want it top open in a new tab, and paste in the URL you'd like the text to be linked to:

This will then create the full link in the text editor: 

You can then make further edits to the rest of the form as a whole using the cog icon next to the Form Name - things such as background colour:

Once you have built the structure of your form, and made the necessary edits using our Glossary, you then need to decide where you'd like the form fields to map to in the Force24 system:

Further information on how to do this can be found here: 

If you need any further help, please don't hesitate to contact your Force24 Account Manager, or pop-up on Intercom! 

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