You've created your form in Form Builder, now how do you insert it into your Microsite? 

All of your forms can be found in the 'Forms' section of the portal. 

Once you've designed and built your form you need to head to the Microsites tab, and click 'Edit' on the page you're wanting to insert your form into. If you need assistance on building a Microsite, visit the help article here:

You can add a form into any snippet of your choice, using the 'Add a new form' icon in the main toolbar:

You then select which form you'd like to insert, and apply the relevant configuration settings:

Your form is then ready in the Microsite! All you need to do is publish the site in order to generate the URL in order to test it out! 

For further information, or any assistance you need please either contact your Force24 Account Manager or use our Intercom chat! 

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