An Auto-ID is cookie written to a computer when a user completes a Force24, form capture enabled, form.

This is great for when new contacts complete form capture on your website or a Microsite, because it means you can instantly track all of their activity as they browse around your website. 

Also, if a user has changed their email address, the Auto-ID tells our system who to append the new email address to. 

However, if you plan to use a Force24 Microsite page with a data capture form to collect contact data at an exhibition or an event, you must disable this function.

If you do not disable the Auto-ID function, you will create one contact on each device and repeatedly overwrite the same contact with the new users information each time you submit the form.

To disable Auto-ID:

Select the 'Microsites' tab from the left-hand navigation.

From here, find the Microsite the you wish to disable the Auto-ID function on and from the drop-down of the 3 dots button, select the 'Edit' option.

This will open the 'Edit microsite' pop up. 

You may elect to turn this feature off by selecting the 'No' tab on the 'Enable auto ID' option.

For the changes to take affect, you must re-publish your Microsite.

Please Note: This will disable the Auto-ID function on all forms within this particular Microsite

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your Force24 Account Manager.

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