Our efficiency sessions are designed to make sure you can get the most out of Force24.

The seventeenth productivity webinar focused on Client Suggestions, including:

  • New releases - an overview of the most recent portal releases, including; the journey name within a contacts Activity page, the addition of the Notes component within Journey Manager and the enhanced Genius Block queries within the Microsite Builder

  • Email and SMS personalisation - a demonstration of adding personalisation tokens to an email and SMS and viewing a preview of the personalisation per contact

  • Creating new snippets - how to edit existing snippets to create a new version which can then be saved to your snippet library

  • Make Decision queries - a breakdown of the variety of queries available within the Contact Search and Make Decision component. Please find the link for the Contact Search/Make Decision Query Glossary here

  • Split Testing - how to utilise the Split component in Journey Manager and some best practice tips.

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