In the Force24 platform we categorise bounces in the following way;

Hard Bounce - means don't try again as the user has gone away. The Force24 platform will automatically deactivate the contact's email channel for you, as persistent sending to hard bounces can impact your deliverability.

Soft Bounce - means the mailbox is temporarily unable to receive emails, such as a full mailbox. As standard, we deactivate contacts who persistently soft bounce to ensure your reputation is maintained.

Spam Bounce - means that the receiving ESP has rejected the email on the grounds of spam. This is typically down to the receiving ESP's filtering process classifying your content as spam, explicit blocks or low IP/ domain reputation.

Our deliverability team are actively monitoring the reputation of our IP addresses and domains to improve inbox placement, and advise on how we can get the best out of your email campaigns.

After each campaign your bounces will be shown to you in the section called 'Bounces and Unsubscribes'.

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