If you receive an error when publishing a microsite, similar to the below: 

The most likely cause is that you have reached your account 'High value' or 'Goal URL' limit.

To resolve this you can either remove old 'High value' or 'Goal URLs' or you may shorten them using the % wild card.

To do this, simply go to the 'Settings' tab on the left hand navigation.

Here you will find the 'High Value URLs' and 'Goal URLs'.

To shorten the URL using the wildcard symbol '%' simply select 'Edit' on the right of the URL you wish to shorten.

This will allow you to retype your URL.

In this instance the original URL is:

To shorten this, simply insert the wildcard symbol after the http:// and before the aspect of the URL that defines the unique element.
For example, the original URL will become:

The shorter you can make the URL the better.
For example, the same URL may be shortened further to:

The wildcard value will allow the system to ignore any aspect of the URL that sits where the wildcard symbol '%' is located.

It is good practice to place the '%' at the end of each URL, this way if any tracking parameters are being used in the destination URL you can ignore them.

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