What are High Value and Goal URL's?

High Value and Goal URL's are linked with the Lead Scoring system in your Force24 Account. 

Lead Scores are applied to every contact to measure their levels of engagement, through applying different scores to different activities e.g. Email Opens, Email Clicks, Web Visits and so on. 

High Value URL's are given a system standard score of 10, and Goal URL's are given a system standard score of 25. Therefore, the contacts who click through to these URL's are ones you would deem as being 'hot' leads as they will be given a greater Lead Score.

You can choose whichever URL's from your site you'd like to make as High Value and Goal, to tailor the lead scoring to suit you best. If you're a retailer, you may want to have your 'basket' or 'checkout' page as a High Value URL, and your 'thank you' page after a product has been purchased to be your Goal URL.

How to add/update your High Value and Goal URL's

When you're logged into your account, go to 'Settings' on the left menu tab. You will see the following two sections at the top of this page:

Goal URL’s

High Value URL’s

Click on the ‘+’ icon at the right-hand side of whichever URL you'd like to add, and paste the URL in the box provided. Once pasted, click ‘Add’ on the right-hand side. This URL has now been added.

If you need to remove any existing URL’s, simply hit the 'Delete' button on the right-hand side of either sections. Or, you have the ability to 'Edit' the URL's if any updates are needed.

These URL’s will now be used for lead scoring, and are available to view in the 'Web Activity' tab in portal. You can then filter the Engagement Timeline on this page, to just focus on these URL's: 

In order to account for UTM or any additional tracking that has been added to the link, it may be useful to add in ‘%’ as a wildcard; this would then mean that in spite of any text following the link, it will still be tracked as a Goal URL click.

If you have any further questions around High Value/Goal URL's, or Lead Scoring - contact your Force24 Account Manager who will be happy to advise! 

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