Lead score is the process of applying numerical points values to the actions of your users. This helps you quickly identify how warm a lead is. Lead scores are applied by the Force24 platform automatically as the user performs the action and then removed 30 days post the action.

Force24 allows you to apply lead score values based on the following engagements:

Email Opens
Email/SMS Clicks
Web page visits
High value page visits
Goal visits 

To view the lead score settings you need to go to the 'Settings' page

Once you arrive, scroll down to the section titled 'Lead Scoring'

You will be able to see the predefined values inputted in your account setup.

TIP: Keep the importance on web engagement by reducing the numbers for the lower value engagement such as email opens. Speak to your Force24 Account Manager who will be able to give you guidance on the best approach for this.

To edit these values, select the pen and paper icon in the top right of the section

Once you are in edit mode you will see you can amend the values

Once you have finished editing the values you will be able to click the 'Update' button below

Please note, any changes to lead score will only take effect on future engagement. All existing user lead scores will be based on the values entered at the time of calculation.

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