How can I find my personal API key in Pipedrive?

If you ever need your personal API key, it can be found under; Settings > Personal preferences > API.

If you cannot find your API token here, it may be that the permission set you are in does not have that permission enabled. You will need to ask your Admin user to update these settings for you.

How do I find a list of fields?

In order to sync data with Force24 we'll need a list of objects and the fields associated with them. Typically with Pipedrive your objects are Lead/deal, Person and Organisation.

To find these, first of all click on your user icon in the top left and select Company Settings.

Under the Company subheading you will see Data Fields. Clicking here will reveal all of your fields. It's important that we don't simply copy and paste your CRM instance, please select that fields that will be important to you for automating your campaigns and segmenting your data.

Once you have identified these fields, please provide this list to your dedicated onboarding team.

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