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You can now identify the activities from UK companies in the IP tracking module.


To activate the IP tracking function simply navigate to the "Settings" page

From there you will be able to scroll to the IP Tracking management section.

Select the YES option to turn IP Tracking on.

You will need to ensure you have enabled the anonymous visitor tracking accept in your Force24 tracking script, for help and guidance on how to do this please refer to our Tracking and Capture script installation document

Refer to section Configuration Extras (page 6) and specifically Anonymous data collection. (By default this option has been enabled for all new clients since Jan 2018.)

If you need help on setting up the tracking script please contact your Force24 account manager.

Using IP Tracking

To access the IP tracking page simply use the left navigation to view "Web Activity"

In the top right of the screen you will see a button labeled "IP tracking"

Welcome to the IP Tracking page. Here you will see a summary of the Companies that have been visiting your tracked websites.

You can use the Filter options to see companies that have performed specific actions within a specific time frame.

To view the activities of a company you may click the view report button.

This will open the company detail page where you will see the details of the company we have been able to match. You can find the company on Linkedin and Twitter

In the Contacts section you will see contacts held within your existing data set matched against the company name. This will help you to see if you are already in negotiations with the company.

The Companies Location will be displayed on the map below, this is the location held by Companies House on the organisation rather than the browsers physical location.

Website visits, will give the day by day view of the engagement of the company, including the referring URL's, IP addresses and pages they have viewed.

If you have any questions please feel free to let us know.

PLEASE NOTE: You must make sure your website cookie policy references the fact you will use anonymous browsing cookies.

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