The 'Web Activity' page now gives you more in depth stats about how your tracked pages are performing and, more importantly, how certain users are engaging with your pages.

To access your Web Activity page click the 'Web Activity' link in the left menu.

At the top of the page you will be presented with an 'Activity Summary'. By default, this view will show the activity for today.


Web Visitors: This refers to the number of people accessing your tracked pages
Page visits: Refers to the number of pages consumed by all users
High Value URL's: Refers to the number of High Value URL's (as defined in your settings page)
Goal URL's: Refers to the number of times Goal URL's have been visited (as defined in your settings page)

A useful chart below shows you a funnel view of the number of users converting to High value URL's or Goals. As you can see, we are receiving a 12.07% conversion rate.  

If you would like to be a little more specific and see how these numbers are varying based on certain contact segments or varying over time, you may click the 'Filter' icon in the to right to yield the filter menu.

You can vary the date range of the stats using the Quick, Relative or Absolute date range search. 

Once you are happy with your date range, you may vary the contacts by searching against the following data:

URL Type: Filter to see contacts hitting a specific URL
Referrer: Filter to see contacts that have come from a specific referring website, such as Google or Facebook  
URL: Find contacts visiting a specific page on your website
Marketing List: Filter the by contacts based on their membership with a specific marketing list
UTM Campaign: Filter users coming from specific campaigns on email, Google or social sources.
IP address: Find contacts from a specific IP
Source: Filter contacts based on the visit type i.e. Email, Direct, SMS
Company Name: Filter to see activity of users from a specific company

Once you are happy you can apply filters by selecting 'Apply'.

The Engagement Timeline will show you the activity summary, based on your date range filter.  

You may select a different time interval to make the graph easier to read. 

In the event you select a time interval that sits outside the practical display (i.e. show per second for a date range of a year). The system will auto generate an acceptable interval for you.
The 'Most Visited URL' chart will tell you which pages on your websites have been viewed most by your filtered contacts:

The 'Referrer URL' chart will tell you which websites have referred the most of your filtered contacts:

The 'Your Activity' section will give you a view of the contact's actions (ordered by the most recent web visits being displayed as first in the list). You may either click the contact's name, or 'View Report' to learn more about the contact's engagement with you.

If you have any questions about this, or anything else, please contact your Force24 Account Manager.

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