To begin, you must make sure you have downloaded the Google Authenticator app to your mobile device using your appropriate application store.

Use this help article to understand what 2FA is:

To start, please select the 'User Account' by clicking the cog icon in the top right of the screen.

When the page opens, go to the 'Security' section and select the 'Yes' tab on the right of the 'Use two factor authentication'.

This will open the 2FA setup screen with a QR code:

Open your Google Authenticator App and click the '+' button in the top right corner:

The app will then present you with an option to 'Scan Bar code', or 'Manual Entry':

'Scan Barcode' will open the camera and allow you to scan the QR code presented.
'Manual entry' will allow you to input the code.

When you have scanned the Barcode, the app will return to the home screen with the Force24 account. Enter the numbers shown into the section titled 'Activation code from Google Authenticator app'

Once you click 'Activate' your account will be secured using 2FA.

For information on how to login using 2FA please read the help article below:

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