If you need to alter the path of a contact based on the time and date the user performed the action you may use the 'Current Time' options, or a delay within the Journey Builder.

You have two options to use when considering the time of a re-engagement strategy:

The Delay Option

The delay will allow you to ensure you respond at an appropriate time of the day or week in the future, even if the retargeting trigger was performed late at night for example.

Using the delay will ensure your contacts can only pass to the next stage once the time conditions have been met.

The New Current Time Options

Within a decision or trigger you may now consider the time at the point of processing.
For example, if a contact completes a form at midnight and you wish to send them a thank you message that replicates an Out of Office "We will be in touch tomorrow" style, you can use the Current Time to make the decision and allow you to branch the contacts accordingly.

You can do this in the 'Make Decision' stage:  

Where you have the ability to query:

  • Current Date i.e. Today is the 1st of March

  • Current Date and Time i.e. Today is the 1st of March 9am

  • Current Day i.e Days of the week

  • Current Time i.e 7pm

On each of the above, you have the following time opperators to combine your query with:

  • Is - This must be the exact time i.e. Monday

  • Less than¬†

  • Between

  • Greater than

Using a combination of these time options you can build any time based query you ever need.

If you have any problems please do not hesitate to contact your Force24 Account Manager.

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