Our efficiency sessions are designed to make sure you can get the most out of Force24.

The eighteenth productivity webinar focused on Client Suggestions, including:

  • Direct Replies - an overview of the new portal release. What need to be organised to enable Direct Replies when sending an email campaign through a batch send or within the Journey Manager feature. Perfect for personal email follow ups in Acquisition and Nurture campaigns 

  • Lead Escalation - how to utilise Lead Scoring and automate the escalation of leads to the Sales team using Zapier

  • Cloning Microsites - how to utilise page templates within the Microsite feature to become more efficient in adding pages to a new Microsite.

  • Videos in Emails - how to overcome the limitations of videos within emails to measure the engagement and interactions with your video content, utilising GIFs and video content hosted on Microsite pages

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