If you wish to remove you old microsite from the internet and want to retain any SEO credibility or redirect users to the current campaign you may add a 301 redirect.

You may also edit a 301 redirect at anytime. Using this same approach.

To begin, open the micro sites main list page. Find the micro site to wish you wish to un-publish, click the 3 dots (...) and select 'unpublish'

The system will give you a list of the current live locations of the published micro site, this will include test locations. 

Once you have unpublished the micro site from the location selected you will be asked if you wish to edit the 301 redirect. Click 'yes, edit'

The 301 redirect box will appear. If no 301 is set the message will display as below

To edit simply click the pen icon.

And supply the URL of the 301 redirect. You may link to any URL you wish.

Once you have entered the URL you may click SAVE, the URL will now be displayed in the box. To finish and activate your 301 redirect you must now click SAVE.

To EDIT an existing 301 redirect 

To edit you may select the 3 dots on the micro site you wish to edit.

This will open the 301 redirect box, where you may edit the URL currently in place.

To commit the changes you must Save  

PLEASE NOTE: Your 301 redirect will cease to exist if you delete the microsite from the system.
You do not need to publish the microsite for the 301 redirect to take effect

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