You may require a different mailing identify if you are sending on behalf of two brands.

The Force24 platform can allow you to bind as many mail servers to your account as you need.

Ask your Force24 account manager for help in doing this.

When you select a mail server this is what your server choice determines:

  • Which IP address (or IP range) your email will be sent from

  • Which 'From' domain from your Force24 DKIM, DMARC, SNDS, SPF registered domains will be used. 

  • Which domain all the tracking links will be rewritten to

  • Which domain all the images will be hosted on

To begin, build your campaign as normal until you get to the 'Campaign Details' page.

Hit the down arrow to activate the 'Advanced Settings'.

Where you see the 'Send server', you may select which send server you wish to use. The Force24 deliverability team can name the send servers whatever you wish, to help you choose which one to use. By default, the send server best suited to normal campaigns will have been set by the deliverability team.

Once you have selected the send server you wish to use and completed all other aspects required on the page you may hit 'Next' to save your selection and proceed with organising the remainder of your campaign.

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