If you wish to update a snippet to enable you to build emails even quicker, you can update the code and the images used within the snippet.

This is especially convenient when you regularly use the same components, enabling you to edit an email snippet to feature these components and be added to your email template in a few seconds.

Firstly, go to the 'Email Templates' page via the left navigation.

Then when you arrive at the page, select the 'Snippets' tab at the top right of the page.

You then can use the search function to find the snippet you wish to edit. On the right of your selected snippet select the 3 dots to the right of the screen. 

Manage the Images 

From the drop down, select the 'Manage Files' option to open the file explorer. 

You can now see the folder structure of your snippet and the files within.

To look inside a folder, simply click the folder icon.

This will open the folder to show you the files within that folder.

If you wish to upload a new file to the folder simply select the '+' button labeled 'add assets'

Manage the code 

From the ... menu select the 'Edit Snippet' option.

This will open the 'Edit Snippet' code editor.

Here, you may make edits to the code to update your snippet. It is advised that you have previous HTML knowledge to use this method of editing a snippet.

Once you have finished editing the snippet, click 'Save' and you can now use your newly edited snippet.

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