We often get asked what can be done to help improve deliverability - although it can go a little way toward helping, good deliverability isn't as easy to achieve as using the right subject line in your email campaigns! So, we've put together a list of the most common deliverability causes when it comes to email campaigns, and how we'd advise to combat them.

The top 3 main areas that can cause bad deliverability are:

  1. Data Quality

  2. Low Reputation

  3. Inconsistent Sending Volumes

Ways to tackle this are:

  • Segmenting Your Data

  • Identify Buyer Personas

  • Consent

  • Sending Volumes

Segment Your Data

Segment your customers (if and where you can) using our Journey Manager. An easy way to segment is by engagement - operating the 30/60/90/180 rule will help with improving your reputation, as you are targeting the people that actively engage with your content:

o 30 days open/click = Engaged

o 60 days open/click = Passive

o 90 days = Non engaged

o 180 days = Inactive

Identify Buyer Personas

Identifying buyer personas links to data segmentation. Where you can, know who you are sending to (their position within the business) and tailor accordingly. For example, an email campaign with the subject line "Discover a way to revolutionise your email marketing" will likely need to be sent to someone who works in the Marketing department. If you have this information, then use it to your advantage!


Are the recipients you're targeting with your emails fully opted into the email program? If not, there's a higher risk of complaints, which have a large impact on sending reputation.

Sending Volumes

Due to the nature of email marketing, sending in consistent volumes can be difficult. If sending volumes are erratic (going from 70,000 sends one day to 100 the next), this raises a red flag for recipient domains, who are more likely to view the emails as spam. If the IP reputation is also low, this will have a larger negative impact on your deliverability. The best way to tackle this is to split large campaigns into sends across a few days when possible. This improves both frequency and volume, both of which help boost reputation.

If you have any questions on this please do not hesitate to contact the support team via the live chat, or, if you want an in-depth strategic assessment you can book in a call with your Customer Success Manager!

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