Once you have built your Microsite, select the ‘Edit’ button on the right-hand side of the page you wish to add a form to and this will open the page within your Microsite.

Within the 'Categories' section of the right-hand panel, select the 'Forms' category

This will present you with all of the different form snippet options you can add to your Microsite page, including any that you have built yourself.

When you have selected the form snippet you wish to use, simply drag it on to the Microsite canvas and the ‘Form Configuration’ page will automatically open.

First, you will need to select the fields required for your embedded form, this can be done by selecting the ‘Select Form’ button under the 'Form Selection' heading. This will then open the form library for you to choose your preferred form template.

TIP: The form fields are listed within the title of each form to make the fields easily identifiable and ensure you select the form containing your desired fields.

Select the form you wish to embed by clicking ‘Select’ and this will bring up the 'Form Configuration’ pop up, which will present a preview of your selected form.

You must now enter a unique 'Form Name’, as the platform does not allow duplicates, relevant to the purpose of your form.

You will also be prompted to enter a 'Form Destination URL’. The URL entered here will be the page you wish to send your successful form submissions to.

TIP: If you wish to use another page within your Microsite as your 'Form Destination URL’, simply enter the page name followed by .html. If you wish your 'Form Destination URL’ to be a page you have not yet created, you can leave this blank and revisit this later.

Next you must 'Select a Marketing List’, this will be the destination for the contacts that complete your form. Adding the contacts to a Marketing List will allow you to easily identify those contacts again later.

Your existing Marketing Lists will appear when you select the search field, this enables you to select an existing Marketing List to add the contacts who complete the form to. 

However, if you wish to add the form submission contacts to a new Marketing List, type in your unique list name and select the 'Add Item’ drop down option and this will add your newly created list as your Marketing List choice.

This new Marketing List will not be created in the 'Your Data’ section until you have entered the form and saved the changes to your Microsite page.

Finally, you must supply an email address that you wish to receive a copy of all form submissions to.

All forms submitted will also be sent in an email containing the full form information.

The 'Form Configuration’ is now complete, click 'Update’ and the form will be added to your Microsite page.

If you have the 'Autosave' function enabled, once you have completed editing your Microsite page the changes will be save automatically.

However, if you do not have the 'Autosave' function enabled, be sure to click the ‘Save’ button at the top right of the page to make sure that no changes are lost.

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