Outlook on Windows machines has a line spacing issue due to a recent Outlook update that Microsoft has rolled out.

You can fix this by following a few simple steps:

Firstly open up our HTML editor by clicking the 3 dots when hovering over a template on the account templates page.

Alternatively you can access the code by clicking 'Edit HTML' which appears at the right of the page, just below the 'Preview' icon when you are in content edit mode on your email.

In the code you should find any instances of 'line-height:#number' that will be within a style tag wrapping your text.

Once you have found this, you should replace the number with a percentage, because the above example is set to 1.5, your percentage value should be 150% as below.

Similarly, if your line height is set to 1.2 as below:

Then your percentage value will be 120%.

If you have any further queries, don't hesitate to contact your Account Manager!

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