1. Password Recovery - users can now reset their passwords without having to rely on their account manager. This can be done either from the login screen or from the user's account page. A confirmation email will be sent with instructions on how to reset the password.
  2. User management - designated users can now manage users for their account. They can add new users, disable/enable existing ones, change user names and manage permissions.
  3. Permission Management - this feature is one which we will be constantly improving in the coming months. Designated users can chose what other users can do in the system. We have now added a few key permissions to manage but this list will continue to be extended over time.
  4. 2 Factor Authentication - we have added an extra layer of security for our user's accounts by adding 2 Factor Authentication.
  5. Master Users - this is a type of user which has full access to a client's account. It is the main user, it can access all the features for a client, can manage other users. The master user is created when a client account is created. All main users for existing clients have been made master users.
  6. Weekly Report Notification - in our quest to enhance the information you get from our platform, we have added a weekly notification report. This will be enabled for all master users by default. Master users can give access to the weekly report to other users through permissions management.

Feel free to access our Security section in the docs or send use a message, should you need any help. 

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