Browsing Journeys

  • Searching journeys has been moved to the top of the page for easier access
  • Creating a journey has been moved to the top of the page

Journey Item Information

  • Active and completed counts are now being displayed
  • Journey 'Health Status' has been added.
  • Journey components can be viewed by clicking the expand icon, after journey title
  • Invalid journeys are flagged using the red exclamation mark (!)
  • Journey and component stats can be refreshed, or filtered by date using the icons on the right
  • Newly started or stopped journeys show last started/stopped date

Journey Componets List

  • Journey components can be viewed by clicking the expand icon after journey title
  • Components can be filtered by type to help focus on most interesting components
  • Clicking a component brings it into view, viewing report page (for SMS and Email) and viewing contacts (in Contacts page)
  • Clicking on any number allows viewing the contacts in the component, filtered by status or selected date

Journey Reporting

  • Report button opens up the Journey reporting page
  • Report page shows detailed stats and charts about journey contacts: Added/Completed, Email and SMS stats, Engagement Timeline, Peak Engagement, Bounces and Browsers
  • Click the stats to see the contacts within 'Contact Search'

Updated Editor Styling

  • Starting a connection is now done from dedicated outputs around a component
  • General styling and sizing updates to improve usability and user interaction

Component selection and actions menu

  • When clicking a component once, a cog icon will appear. Clicking the cog icon brings up a contextual action menu:

Editing a component

  • Double click on a component title
  • Use the 'Edit' button in the contextual menu

Deleting a component

  • Use the 'Delete' button in the contextual menu


Note: The editor will now prevent deleting components containing active contacts!

Journey Editing

  • Editor now prevents saving a journey from from multiple locations at the same time, avoiding journey corruption
  • Editor prevents journeys created in 2.0 to be opened in 1.0


  • Delay component now supports 3 options which can be mixed and matched:
    Delay For -
    This works as before, contacts will be delayed for the specified interval, relative to the date and time they have been added to the stage
    Not Before - Contacts will be delayed in the component until the specified date and time
    Send Windows - This allows setting custom interval windows to release contacts from the component. Days of week along with time intervals can be specified.

If more than one option is used, contacts will be delayed until all the selected conditions are met.


  • Subscription Preference can now be specified for email components
  • Double clicking an artwork in the editor, will pop-up the preview of that artwork.
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